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One of the fastest growing consumer holidays,

according to the National Retail Federation.

Every year the National Retail Federation reports on the changing trends.

Some highlights from this year's report:

    * 68 million Americans will buy Halloween costumes

    * 20 million will dress their pets in costumes

    * 1/3 will visit a haunted house

    * 6.9 billion is projected to be spent on Halloween products

    * 81% of 18-34 year olds will dress in a costume

    *34.1% will start Halloween shopping before October 1st 

Source: National Retail Federation, 2015


Three ways to include Halloween into your marketing plan.

Use Halloween themed events as ways to bring new customers through your door.

Invite them to come in and receive a free Halloween or Zombie themed promotional item.  Have them sign up for your e-blast or direct mail campaigns in order to receive the swag.  

Target a specific neighborhood and send out the invite using Every Door  Direct Mail.  We can help you with neighborhood selection, printing and mailing of the cards and even the promotional items!

Host Halloween themed events to increase workplace morale.
Encourage your employees to wear a costume to work.  Involve their pets by holding Pet Costume Photo Contest.  This way pets can be involved without violating any workplace rules!

Participate in a Halloween/Zombie Themed Community event.
Whether it's a family friendly event like a trip to the local pumpkin patch or fielding a team at a Zombie run, you're employees will have the opportunity to celebrate together and even promote your brand.
For a list of upcoming Halloween events, see our Events page.

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