Direct Mail: It's a Billboard in your Mailbox!

Direct Mail still reigns supreme as a way to connect with consumers and business owners.  This half day workshop covers USPS rules, design strategies for increasing open and response rates, plus free software for implementing your own direct mail campaign.  Attendees will receive plenty of resources and handouts!  If you've ever considered direct mail, this workshop is for you.

Program Length: 4 hours



Additional Workshops - check back often for new dates and locations.

All workshops contain a balance of small business and nonprofit marketing.  Each workshop can be focused exclusively for the small business or the nonprofit audience.  If you're interested in Direct Mail Workshops in your community, please contact Prototypes or have your local library contact Prototypes for more information.

Direct Mail Design: Advanced Strategies

In this example driven session, you'll learn creative ways to catch your prospect's or customer's attention.

We'll cover cost effective ways to mail:



     Mailers made from recycled soda bottles



        and more

By the end of the session your imagination will be on overdrive.  You'll be ready to make the mailbox pop with your latest promotion or offer.

Program Length: 90 minutes

Do-It-Yourself Direct Mail

Learn how to implement your own direct mail campaign using online tools like the library's ReferenceUSA and the USPS Every Door Direct Mail and the Intelligent Mail Small Business Tool.

This 'how to session' will take you through each step in the process, from developing a targeted mailing list to delivering the mailing to the post office.

'Break even' points, cost savings and assessing whether or not you should outsource your mailing project will be covered.

By the end of the workshop, you'll be able to launch a Business to Business or Business to Consumer direct mail campaign.

Program Length:  2  hours

Direct Mail 101

Did you know that the postage for a letter can range from less than 8 cents each to 49 cents each, depending upon how it is prepared and mailed? 

This crash course in 'bulk mail' will cover mailing categories and techniques to help you maximize your postage budget.

Program Length: 90 minutes

Increasing Direct Mail Response Rates

Did you know that direct mail response rates continue to outperform e-mail?


     strategies to increase open rates

     when to use premiums (nonprofit)

     ideas for implementing a monthly giving campaign (nonprofit)

We'll cover the basic postal rules to help you get the most out of your postage budget.

Program Length: 90 minutes

Prototypes is pleased to present Direct Mail Workshops at Arizona public libraries.  

All workshops are FREE of charge.  Registration is required.  

2017 Workshops dates and locations are coming soon!

Direct Mail Workshops

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