Arizona has ranked 5th per capita for refugee placements for the last 15 years. 

                  (Source: Arizona Daily Star, March 3, 2013)

Somalia topped the list in 2005 with 10,405 legally entering the United States.

In 2009 & 2010, Iraq, Burma and Bhutan took the top three spots.

                              (Soure: US Census Bureau, Statistical Abstract of the US, 2012)

Cultural Diversity

Tucson is a cultural hub. 
Have you noticed an increasing number of Indian, Asian and Middle Eastern grocery stores and restaurants in recent years?

Turns out it’s not an anomaly.  Looking at current Census data, you’ll find that many of the businesses mirror the nationalities of refugees entering the US over the past decade.
Combine our newcomers, ranging from mid-western transplants to international refugees, with our strong Native American and Mexican heritage and we have plenty of reasons to celebrate.   Tucson Meet Yourself is a fantastic example of showcasing our different backgrounds, while creating something new and unique to our community.   In addition to this long running celebration, Tucson offers plenty of opportunities to celebrate our community’s diversity, to learn more about one another and how our blended backgrounds make our community what it is today.   

What can this 'melting pot' mean for your business?  Make every customer or potential customer feel welcome.  Create an event around one of the many celebrations and holidays.  Or simply post a relevant Happy New Year sign to make a newcomer (or even a long time resident) feel welcome. 

Attend, sponsor and take out a booth if your business meets the event’s exhibitor criteria.  Looking for a list? Visit our Cultural Fairs & Expos page. Of course, we can help with your promotional and marketing materials!

Need help drafting a brochure or website content in another language? 

There are more than a dozen translation services in the Tucson area (Source: Reference USA)

In fact Tucson is home to CyraCom, one of the leading translation companies serving the medical industry! 

Need a list of translation services?  Give us a call or e-mail .

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