Slap Wrap (C) Combo

FROM $2.13 each

150 minimum order

-MWelcome to Back to Ghoul, where Halloween promotions are as easy as .xyz!  Gear up for the goblins night out!  Halloween, one of the fastest growing consumer holidays, is right around the corner.  Looking for great costume ideas?  Pinterest and Instagram are great places to start.  According to the National Retail Federation the most popular 2017 kid's costumes are:

​                    1.  Action/SuperHero

                    2.  Batman Character/Princess*

                    3.  Animal (Cat, Dog, Lion, Monkey, etc.)

                    4.  Spider-Man

                    5.  Star Wars character

                    6.  The Witch

                    7.   Pirate/Marvel Superhero (excluding Spider-Man)*

                    8.   Disney Princess

                    9.   Ghost

                   10.  Wonder Woman


Safety & Reflective

Safety Flash Pedometer

FROM $4.74 each

100 minimum order

Glowbands (TM)

FROM $0.33 each

1000 minimum order

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Band-o-Ween (R) 

FROM $4.56 each

50 minimum order

Tri-Safety Light Clip

FROM $1.38 each

150 minimum order

(520) 409-3039

Clip-On Safety Light

FROM $0.96 each

200 minimum order

Pumpkin Zip-Clip (TM)

FROM $0.96 each

250 minimum order

LED Foam Stick - Multicolor

FROM $2.23 each

144 minimum order

Pumpkin Action Band (R) 

FROM $1.60 each

250 minimum order

Glow Slap Wristbands

FROM $1.00 each

300 minimum order

Foldable Waterproof Container with Solar Light

FROM $13.35 each

30 minimum order

Hallo-Laces (TM)

FROM $1.35 each

100 minimum order

Glow in the Dark

Bat Clipster (C) 

FROM $1.23 each

100 minimum order