We Offer

Direct Mail Services ~ maybe you call it junk mail.  But to us 'It's only junk mail if it's not RELEVANT to the recipient."

    Mailing Lists

    Mailpiece Design (Postcards, letters, etc.)

    'Bulk Mail'


Printing Services ~ postcards, brochures, folders

    Traditional Offset Printing ~ great for large quantities of postcards, brochures and catalogs

    Digital Printing ~ perfect for target marketing and unique marketing pieces that speak directly to your customer or prospect. 

          In the industry it's also called Variable Data Printing.  As an example, you can mail 2,000 postcards (same size), but each  

          postcard can have separate images and even messages.   

     Web Printing ~ ideal for really large runs and magazines. 


Promotional Products ~ Swag!




     Shirts, etc.

Consulting Services

     Every Door Direct Mail Training

     Project Review ~ sometimes you have a project in mind, but don't know where to begin.  Our background gives us the ability

         to look at project concepts and help you find the best mix of products to achieve your goals.  

     Do-It-Yourself Direct Mail Training ~ you made an investment in your office copier with all the bells and whistles.  We can help  

          train you & your office staff on how to implement your own direct mail campaigns. 

     Small Business Marketing Training: Lead generation tools & direct mail strategies.  

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About Prototypes

Yes, we LOVE pets!

If you're looking to connect with pet owners, we offer many ways to engage them - from their doorstep (direct mail) to face-to-face (expo giveaways).

Tucson and Phoenix offer plenty of Pet Friendly opportunities to put your message in front of pet owners.

Bottom line we're about helping you reach and connect with your target audience ~ and prospects, too ~ with as little waste as possible.

We respect your resources:  your time and your money.  

We don't want to see products with your logo and carefully crafted brand in the recycle bin.  Sure we can sell you a 100,000 piece direct mail campaign or pens.  But is that really what you need?  Sometimes it is based upon your goals and budget.  Many times it's not.